Jannah Place City Center

Located in the heart of the Capital, Jannah Place City Center exudes luxury through its spacious Suites, elegantly designed interiors, fresh colors, white walls and breathtaking views overlooking Maryah and Reem Islands. The residential style of Jannah Place City Center provides an ideal solution for guests looking to stay for long periods, with an added touch of luxury of the unrivalled "Karim Service". The Karim Team accomodate guests' every need. The Karims are well connected and up to date with everything in Abu Dhabi and are available to assist at any time of the day.

Every two-bedroom apartment is fully serviced and every kitchen is fully equipped. Each comfortable bed is adorned with custom-made luxurious linens, and each handsomely appointed bathroom is complete with First Class amenities and toiletries.





Jannah Place City Center

Al Falah St

Jannah Place City Center

Address Jannah Place City Center, Al Falah St