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Many businesses are unaware of the black vs white SEO technique, which can be quite dangerous for your company. We recognize this problem and bring to you this article where we break down the two, so you have a better understanding when deciding on which SEO services Dubai you should consider. In order to be an SEO hero, you must protect your brand, increase the domain authority and get more traffic over time. For that you need to find companies that utilize white hat SEO techniques. In this post, we explain the differences between the two and also explain the technique that you should completely avoid in order for your website to do better.

White Hat SEO

Unlike good SEO techniques, companies who make use of negative techniques take shortcuts and look for hacks to earn immediate rankings, exploiting the algorithms. Moreover, you violate the guidelines of the search engines, rely heavily on manipulative techniques, and focus on quick wins, which is not beneficial in the long run.

Black or White Hat SEO – Which One Will You Wear

Black Hat SEO

Through good SEO techniques, you make your site easier to navigate, speed up the loading time, utilization of keywords to optimize content and attract backlines from high quality websites. While many factors differentiate white factors from black, the primary ones are that it focuses on customers first and then the search engines and it takes a long-term approach towards optimization. There are no risks of penalties involved when implementing white hat techniques.

Comparison Between Techniques

Black Hat Techniques

Website with content that has been duplicated, has invisible text, links from sites with non-relevant content, redirection, especially towards irrelevant pages and stuffing keywords, all are examples of a black hat technique.

White Hat Techniques

If your website has relevant content, images are rightly labeled, includes relevant references, correct grammar, complete sentences, unique and relevant pages and titles, then these are all signs of a firm that utilizes white hat SEO techniques.

Comparison Between Techniques Black Hat and White Hat

In Conclusion

As you dig deeper and try to learn more about digital marketing and ideal approach to optimizing your site, you are certainly going to come across the term black hat SEO and white hat SEO. Let us hope by the end of this article that you understand why white hat techniques are preferable over black hat techniques in terms of SEO. Sure, you may think that through negative techniques you will quickly achieve results, but you should be aware that it directly breaches the guidelines of Google, which results in punishment. If you want to save your website from such tactics, it is imperative to opt for white hat techniques. The process may take time but the results are fruitful.

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