While you might have seen a rise in demand for the Office 365, you might have caught yourself considering buying this either for yourself or your company. With this, you just have to stay connected to the net, create an account, and make the payment to download relevant files. There is no external device required to install it to your system. If you plan on buying this tool, you should give this article a read. The office 365 price in UAE may differ, but we mention the compatible formats and perks in this article.

About Cloud Service

An industry-based concept, the cloud is utilized for storing all your documents including the important ones. When operating the software, you use Windows SkyDrive to access and synchronize these files. This is an added benefit to those who work remotely and have the need to access their documents.  Furthermore, you also have the option of storing these files locally.

Cloud Service

New Additions

While several individuals are not just aware but are also utilizing it on their desktops, let us tell you about their recent additions. It includes the O 365 and the Web App, which are both free to use. For those who don’t have the office tool on their device, can make use of the Web App software to view as well as edit documents. In comparison, Office 365 is a program focused on subscription. We may call it a cross between the commercial and the web app version. Excuse the hysteria caused by people, but it sure offers a cloud software that delivers functionality that is web-based for different devices. The latter is what consumers are most concerned about.


O 365 is suitable for both 2010 as well as the 2013 office versions. The 2007 edition may work. We say may, because you might end up losing some features.

Secure Option

Several companies often find themselves concerned about the issue of a data breach through the cloud.  When in fact, O 365 provides exact protection tools as the web edition. The RMS also handles encryption and enables permits to be set. Users at their level will be given a fair amount of protection. In short, SMEs can have more protection using Office 365 than owning it themselves.

Secure Option Office 365


There is more to it than just tech. Its equipped with large storage space, the ability to host websites free with relevant software, and an hour of Skype calling through landline, every month. In addition, it allows you to secure important files on OneDrive, works on any operating system, and comes equipped with on-going technical support.


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