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Most people don’t opt for sending flowers, not because it is not a good option, but it can be costly to buy from flower boutique Dubai stores. Nonetheless, there are cheaper ways to send flowers! This article shares some money-saving tips when sending flowers to your friends, family, or loved ones.

Go with Affordable Options

If you are on a budget, it will be best to purchase affordable flowers, especially if you want same-day delivery in Dubai. Some online flower shops offer the best combination of flowers and price. Go with simple arrangements for smaller events such as passing an exam, job promotion, or project completion.

Opt to Deliver the Flowers Yourself

Depending on where your recipient is located in Dubai, it may be challenging to deliver the flowers by hand. But if you can, you can save a lot more. You will also get to examine the quality of flowers yourself.

What’s the Florist’s Minimum

Every flower vendor has a minimum. However, rates may vary from one vendor to another. Even though you may not receive many flowers, you can be confident that you will find something worth the money.

Get Rid of the Middlemen

The cost of same-day flower delivery in Dubai increases when you use third parties for services. If you choose a florist with an online store, an online flower shop, there are higher chances of getting affordable flower delivery services.

Choose an Affordable Flower Delivery Portal

There are hundreds of companies that offer flower delivery services in Dubai. Even so, finding the best one can be challenging. So, when making comparisons, consider factors such as delivery features, pricing, and additional charges they may have.

Shy Away from Add-Ons

Balloons are incredible, and so are teddy bears and chocolate. However, you do not require all these unnecessary items to accompany your flowers to impress your recipient. A beautiful set of flowers is more than enough.

You can even purchase the extras separately and hand-deliver the flowers if you can. That way, you may even stumble better chocolate, as well.

Pre-Order for Special Events

On Special time such as Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, and such, most online flower stores hike their prices because they receive a lot of orders. So, ensure you order at least 72 hours before the day. You can save a lot of money on delivery, plus you will incredibly deal on the flowers as well.

In conclusion

We live in an era of minimalism, where a simple gift such as flowers can make a huge difference and big smiles in people’s faces. However, when your pocket isn’t fat enough, sending flowers may seem a little too extravagant.

But once you learn the secrets of quality flower arrangement, you can easily find your perfect bouquet at a pocket-friendly rate.

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