Yokohama Tyres Dubai

Yokohama tyres Dubai offer superior quality and performance for a smooth and comfortable ride. They provide value for money while also ensuring that customers enjoy their journey with maximum comfort. Tyres should perform well no matter what the weather conditions or surface are. It should have the latest technology that adapts easily to different terrains and driving styles. Yokohama tyres were first launched in the year 1917. Since then, these tyres have emerged to become popular with its unique and salient features. These are premium range tyres that have been receiving amazing reviews constantly from satisfied customers. Committed to innovation and constant upgradation, these tyres are always in tune with emerging trends and needs of customers.

Read on to know why Yokohama is an apt choice for your vehicles. These reasons will definitely help you understand why these tyres have been reigning the industry since long.


It is undoubtedly one of the highest qualities tyres in market. These tyres are a result of extensive research and efforts to produce only finest quality. They are unique as it’s combination of both natural, synthetic rubber and orange oil. Engineered with extensive technological innovations, these tyres have never disappointed the customers.

Low Fuel Consumption

Tyres are fuel efficient, all thanks to the reduced rolling resistance. It has gained the reputation of being an energy efficient tyre due to its multiple features heavily influenced by technological advancements. These tyres are known to have 20 percent less rolling resistance.


Built with safety as its prime focus, Yokohama tyres offer better control at high speeds. The tyres offer the necessary stability to the vehicle. Road safety must be the top priority, especially while changing lanes, overtaking or driving at high speeds. Even while driving across wet surfaces, tight grip is absolutely necessary. Tyres of Yokohama can guarantee the safety of passengers and are reliable.

Unique Tread Design

Tread design of Yokohama’s tyres is such that it drastically reduces noise and controls vibrations while driving. It is a five-pitch variation tread, has silent tyre technology built for cutting down extra noise. The life of such tyres is longer compared to other brands.

Reputed Brand

Yokohama is a leading tyre manufacturer brand and enjoys the trust and confidence of numerous customers worldwide. With an unblemished record of superior performance, Yokohama’s tyres are a popular choice among car owners.


Select Yokohama for your family, luxury saloon, SUVs and sports cars from a credible tyre shop Dubai. They are versatile, dynamic, suited for toughest terrains in UAE.

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