Jannah Creek Dubai (2018)

Jannah Creek Dubai will offer a multitude of innovative features, including a unique check-in experience with no sign of the usual time-consuming queues and document signing at a reception desk.

Travellers arriving at the luxury hotel will be greeted by one of Jannah's renowned Karim - the guest's very own personal genie - who will carry out the check-in on a tablet device as he shows them to their room.

After enjoying their welcome drink, guests will be invited to use an ingenious QR code that once scanned, will take them to a video that will introduce the features and amenities of the room and the hotel.

Slated to open in 2018, Jannah Creek Dubai will change the face of hospitality technology.




Traditional concierge or butler, our Karims are talented, focused on outstanding service and trained to anticipate every need with utmost efficiency.

Available in all Jannah Hotels & Resorts properties, our Karim service is available 24 hours and delivers an unprecedented level of service through discreet and personalized care.

For more information on Karim services, please click here.

As a symbol of our noble Bedouin hospitality, our Karims offer a convivial welcome with traditional Arabic coffee poured from a pot called Dallah, quite similar to Aladdin's lamp, into a small cup called finjan, dates and cold towels upon arrival.

Have a first class experience in Jannah Hotels & Resorts and ride in style with chauffeur-driven, luxurious cars.



Jannah Creek Dubai (2018)

Dubai Creek

Jannah Creek Dubai (2018)

Address Jannah Creek Dubai (2018), Dubai Creek