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Without a balanced diet, there is only a little that expert personal trainers can do at any gym in Dubai Marina, such as Top Gym. Your eating habits majorly empowers the workout routines and achieve the desired fitness goals. Increased intake of calorie-dense foods is bound to complicate the weight loss process. However, completely excluding calorie food items or having low-calorie food would not be helpful if it lacks other essentials such as fiber and protein. It is crucial to have a balanced diet with minimal calorie intake. Here are a few food items to should be keeping away if you are serious about your body fitness:

Baked Foods

Baked food items tend to include added sugars required for keeping them fresh for a longer period. These sugars also contain Fructose that has been popular for increasing appetite than other forms such as Glucose. Another factor in baked foods hindering your fitness routine is trans-fat, which can lead you to obesity. Apart from staying fit, avoiding trans-fat rich food can help prevent other health issues.

White Bread and Pasta

Grain-based products, white bread and pasta, contain carbohydrates and are high on calories. To get back in shape, it is vital to replace this carbohydrate food with other healthier alternatives. You can substitute these refined wheat flour products with whole-wheat and brown rice flour options. The high protein and fiber content in whole grain products make them a healthier choice for all fitness seekers.

French Fries and Chips

Fried foods have always been on the no-list of any gym in Dubai Marina due to their high-calorie content. Along with high amounts of salts and fats, the frying method to make the French fries crispier adds extra calories. With unhealthy processing procedures, chips can hinder your body’s health. They should be replaced with a healthy diet of fresh fruits and salads.

Processed Meats

Processed food items, especially meat, have been highly beneficial in supporting our cooking process amidst our busy daily routine. Processed meat involves drying, smoking, fermenting, and canning the meat. Replace processed meat such as bacon, hot dogs, ham, and salami with protein-rich meat sources such as fish and poultry. They are a healthier alternative as they contain fewer calories and salt amounts. Processed meat is also believed to be carcinogenic, that is, cancer-causing. You can reach out to any top gym in Dubai Marina to get a properly balanced diet schedule to replace weight, gaining foods with healthier alternatives.

Aerated Drinks and Alcohol

A glass of good leisure time soft drink or alcohol can cost you heavy on your fitness routine. They consist of a high amount of added sugars and are very low on nutrients. Without nutritional values such as proteins or fibers, it is highly essential to avoid aerated drinks and alcohol to control calorie intake.

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