For any warehousing business to streamline its operations, investing in overhead cranes (also known as bridge cranes) is crucial. These cranes come in 2 variants – the single girder and double girder kind, where a single girder consists of one cross girder, and as the name suggests, a crane double girder is equipped with 2 cross girders. Single girders offer some unique features which the double girder variants don’t have, and vice versa. In other words, both the cranes offer different features that cater to the varying needs of businesses. Let us try to find out the basic differences between these two here.

Basic Functionalities

Single girder cranes are popularly known for their lateral bracing technique. For work that involves reinforcement, single girder cranes are perfect, since the cross girders present in such cranes are very strong, thereby allowing improved reinforcement.

In case one needs to lift goods at a larger height from the base or ground, double girder cranes will be the best choice because they offer an excellent hook height, which is approximately 20 to 36 inches higher when compared to that offered by its single girder counterpart.

Basic Functionalities

Associated Costs

If you have a tight budget then you should stick to the single girder variant because it is available at a much affordable price. The reason for this is that single girders are designed relatively simply and it only consists of one cross girder which makes it economical. Another reason behind the lower price is that the freight of this type is lesser.  However, double girder variants are regarded to be sturdier and more beneficial.

Design Specifications

Design Specifications

To begin with, single girder cranes are useful for lifting weights up to 100 tons. These cranes have a cross span of about 100 feet.

Double girders usually come with hoisted trolleys. You might also find a trolley space installed there for the purpose of creating lower headroom between both the girders.

Ideal For

If the weight to be lifted is less than 50 tons and the span of the item is also less than 35m, then a single girder will be suitable. You can even automate your production processes, using this type of crane.

Double girder variants, on the other hand, are perfectly suited for lifting heavier loads. They are also beneficial in case you want to lift loads more frequently.

Understanding the differences, no matter which kind of crane you plan to invest in, make sure to choose only from the top brands in Dubai.

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