Crane supplier in UAE

The objective of every company is to reduce the downtime and make maximum use of the equipment. Whether you are renting or buying a used or new crane, you should choose your supplier wisely. Like in any other industry, there are hundreds if not thousands of crane suppliers in Dubai. Therefore, you should do your due diligence to identify the best.

Crane supplier in UAE at Al Faris Group offers the technical support you need to set your project going. You should consider the compliance of the company with local regulations. Here are some of the factors you should have in mind when selecting a crane supplier.Crane supplier

Technical Support

Heavy lifting equipment is prone to downtime, but it should not interrupt your business. You should choose a company that offers instant support when you request it. Apart from that, they should start the installation of the machine immediately after purchase to keep you running. The professional should be knowledgeable about how the machine runs. They should be able to attend to any breakdown.


Each construction or warehouse has its own dynamics. Therefore, you should get a crane that suits your purpose without further modification. Using a machine in the wrong activity is a recipe for disaster and it can also lead to losses. You should have a variety of machines in the supplier’s yard to compare and choose the best. Remember, choosing the wrong equipment has high­cost implications because of transport and depreciation.

Auto Crane


How does the company respond to your requests? The company support should be available throughout to offer any support requested. You can assess this from the minute you visit their premises by how you are received. How long do company employees take to pick your calls when making inquiries? Unresponsive companies can cause an increase in project cost especially when you call them during downtime.


The government is very strict with the construction industry. Therefore, you should go for compliant companies. The company should have the necessary licenses from the Department of Economic Development (DED). They should also have permits from the local authorities to undertake their business. The use of rogue crane suppliers can render your insurance void. Apart from licensing, the company should follow the regulations.


Cost is a major factor in any activity. You should compare the rates of different crane suppliers to choose the most pocket­friendly. However, you should not compromise on your safety and equipment quality. Also, watch out on hidden costs such as transport and storage before making your decision. There are some companies which may consider waiver of costs during downtime. All these factors play a big role in the final cost of the project.

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