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The Caribbean is the pioneer of Citizenship by Investment. But deciding on the best Caribbean second citizenship is tough owing to similar benefits such as traveling without a visa to many countries, tax benefits, healthcare facilities, education system, better infrastructure, superior standard of living to name a few.

The annual community spending is around DH 7,345,800,000.00, where the Caribbean passport reigns supreme being the most preferred option among global investors. The five Caribbean second citizenship programs listed below offers several benefits. It is up to you to make the final decision based on your personal and professional goals.

St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts & Nevis

It has a simple Second Citizenship process with life­time guarantee citizenship and attractive tax exemptions. You can travel to 144 countries without visa or visa on arrival.

Time: 6 months
Prerequisites: Non­reimbursable contribution of DH 550,935.00 to Govt or DH 1469160.00 investment in real­estate, which cannot be sold for 5 years.

Freedom of travel through a second passport and citizenship


Grenadian passport is an excellent Second Citizenship choice. The country relaunched its program in 2013 with improved features. Grenada is among 11 global nations with visa­free travel permission to China. You can travel to 124 countries without visa or visa on arrival. Grenada is a US treaty nation. So, you can apply for the US E2 Investor Visa and work legally in the US for DH 367290.

Time:2 months
Prerequisites 550,935.00 non­reimbursable contribution to Govt or DH 1285515.00 investment in real estate. You can add your family for a nominal fee. Selling of investment after three years only.

St Lucia

The idyllic islands of St Lucia offer an advantageous passport that offers favorable tax benefits. They have 2 international airports convenient for global business. You can travel to 123 countries without visa or visa on arrival.

Time:3 months
Prerequisites: DH 367290.00 non­reimbursable contribution to National Economic Fund or DH 606028.50 real­estate investment with family addition for DH 148879.50 fee. You can sell your investment after three years only.

Dual citizenship


Dominican passport is highly cost­effective with favorable tax rates. You can travel to 118 countries without visa or visa on arrival. Prerequisites: 367290.00 non­reimbursable contribution or DH 808038.00 real estate investment with 8% guaranteed returns based on investment development. Some realtors may offer you a 75% financing option. You can sell your investment after five years only.

Antigua & Barbuda

It is a world­famous relocation destination with a staggering 365 beaches, and international yachting races.

Time: 3 months
Prerequisites: Five days over five years in the country to maintain citizenship DH 918225.00 non­refundable donation or DH1469160.00 real estate investment or DH 5,509,350.00 investment in a business, or DH 367290.00 before a specific deadline. Investment can be sold after five years only.
Travel: 131 countries without visa or on­arrival

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